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SIGeGov Objectives
To create Computer Society of India (CSI) as a knowledge Base to facilitate, promote advice and support the e-Governance initiative in our country at State and Centre level.

The following activities are proposed:

  • Create a repository of e-Governance initiatives in India.

  • CSI has instituted e-Governance Awards SIG eGov is expected to implement the awards process. SIG eGov also to act as the Secretariat for e-Governance awards and maintain updated database in the form of compiling good eGovernance initiatives through publications.

  • Work out assessment framework and Implementation Strategy for e-Governance Projects.

  • Participate in the processes for evolving standards in Technology, Processes and Databases.

  • Associate in various State and Central committees that are working in e-Governance.

  • Conduct National / International conferences in e-Governance individually or by joining hands with other institutions.

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